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Why Rehma

Tembea na Rehema Foundation, also known as Rehma, is a Christian nonprofit organization working in Kenya. In 2010, our founders Kelvin & Nikole Opiyo took over what they thought was a small coaching gig in the community of Kongowea. It quickly became clear that this wasn't just a small coaching gig, but God was calling them to love and empower the youth in the community.


Their first soccer team decided to name themselves "REHMA" which is a mixture of the Arabic word Rahma and the Swahili word Rehema both meaning Mercy. The first team, the Rehma Boys, began and the organization grew to include dozens of teams in the area. Through these teams, other related programs such as youth counselling, coaches training, school sponsorships, business trainings, food relief and community tournaments were offered. Thousands of young people have passed through the various Rehma programs.

What was began as a simple soccer team became a large community project which continues to grow. In 2021, the first Rehma Centre will open its doors offering a range of health related education programs including prenatal classes and girls' menstrual hygiene classes. Our long term goal is to create a quality and affordable birth centre giving mamas and babies the best start possible.  

Our Mission: Moving with Compassion and Transforming Lives


Our Vision: To see individuals, families, and communities know God intimately and thrive in all areas of their lives.


Our Beliefs: We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to move with compassion amongst those around us. We believe that God desires for us to experience life in abundance in all aspects of our life through Him. 


Our Programs: Recognizing that all aspects of our lives are interconnected, our holistic programs aim to address many areas of the lives of the people we work with. 

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