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Community Outreach


Building friendship and fellowship through fitness to encourage youth to stay healthy and motivated in yielding better results in their aspirations.


Soccer Outreach 

Developing deeper relationships between our organization and the communities we serve in. We nurture talent and support local teams.


Menstrual Health & Hygiene

Educating girls about maintaining the highest level of hygiene during periods and empowering them and their well-being.


Bible Study

Providing space for youth to discuss, learn and reflect on God's word so as to understand the meaning of Scripture, apply it to their lives and gain spiritual growth.

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Kids' VBS

Conducting non-denominational Vacation Bible School activities to empower and equip kids to follow God’s call to action in a fun and creative way. 


Food Relief

Offering young families assistance in the form of food, or food vouchers in times of need or crises.

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